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Let’s join forces to empower your customers, generate additional revenue, and set your business apart with the most powerful end to end education platform on the internet.

InfoDBase Partner Success Program Types

Our partners are an integral part of our vision. The InfoDBase Partner Programme connects education institutions to individuals and companies that provide visionary, integrated or and end to end solutions and services. Together, we are a great match.
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You recommend one of top student management software for schools, higher educational institutions or anyone who is engaged in teaching, and we pay you a commission for every deal we close. It’s as simple as that. We even give you marketing materials to show your clients what InfoDBase can do—all you have to do is send them our way.

Our Referral Program is the perfect anyone who has contacts and influence in education sector. Here’s how it works: You use our marketing materials to show your clients or contacts all that InfoDBase can do. Then you send them our way and we do the rest. That’s it. No closing the sale, migrating their data, or providing support. We’ll pay you a referral commission for every deal that closes.

We work with educators and influencers

Program Insight


  • Recommend the No. 1 unified student management software for schools, higher ed. and academies
  • Help your clients elevate their student administration and learning practices
  • Expand your services and generate new revenue streams
  • Deliver student lifecycle management solutions and provide strategic guidance

Program Information


  • Its free to join our Referral Program
  • Earn 80% commission on customer’s first month or first month of their yearly commitment.
  • Access to marketing collateral and product information
  • Access online lead registration form

Collaboration is no longer an empty rhetoric, it has become the heart & soul of businesses. We at InfoDBase believe in working together with our reseller partners to further enhance our products reach.

You can become a reseller partner with InfoDBase by referring our unique product to different clients and when they sign-up for the paid subscriptions for a minimum period of two months then we offer our partner a recurring commission.

Happy customers make sticky customers

Program Insight


  • Provide new capabilities designed to serve the needs of your customers’ student management needs
  • Complement your core services with InfoDBase solution capabilities
  • Expand access to current and innovative technology solutions
  • Deliver a broad portfolio of technology solutions and provide strategic guidance

Program Information


  • Program fee of $2,000 USD
  • Generous commission in the range of 15%-30% depending on the duration and the type of subscription.
  • Access to marketing collateral and product information
  • Access online lead registration form

InfoDBase’s developer program gives developers across the world an opportunity to develop and integrate their products into our Platform.

Developers can leverage our open API to build powerful apps and integrations and then market their solution through the Marketplace to the thousands of educational institutions around the world using InfoDBase.

We Make Global Impact With Our Developer Partners

Program Insight


  • Referral Program
    Co-Marketing Opportunities
  • Extend your product capabilities with our student lifecycle management solution
  • Grow your business by reaching more than 4 million daily active students and teachers
  • Be part of the next generation of student management software

Program Information


  • Integration use-case must be approved by InfoDBase
  • Identify existing shared customers
  • Build integration using the InfoDBase API and OpenID Connect Login API
  • Support customers using the integration
  • Our target market should align

Commisions = Recurring revenue

Package and price your services based on what's best for your business, and invoice your clients directly as an authorised reseller. Earn recurring commissions on the monthly subscription price for the apps you sell.

Benefits & Resources

InfoDBase enables partners to build new revenue streams, increase sales margins, develop recurring commissions and gain exclusive rights to bundle and resell InfoDBase.
Partnering with InfoDBase gives you access to exclusive pricing and offers that can help you move education institutions to a cloud based solution - providing financial savings and additional revenue opportunities.
InfoDBase enables partners to productise services, expand service offerings, master sales and marketing and deliver a complete end-to-end solution to education institutions
Access a wide range of rich marketing materials that you can use to help promote InfoDBase’s cloud SIS, CRM and LMS software platform Run and track your own marketing campaign using ready-made tools.
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  • Performance Arts
  • Language Schools
  • Professional Career Academy
  • Sports & Fitness Academy
  • Private & After School Tuition
  • Public / District Schools
  • Private Schools
  • International Baccalaureate & Career Schools
  • Religious Schools
  • Community Colleges
  • Vocational - Technical Colleges
  • Career colleges
  • Liberal arts colleges
  • Public
  • Private
  • Religious
  • Distance Education
  • Online Virtual University