Integrated higher education and college management software

InfoDBase’s integrated and flexible software gives Community Colleges the ability to ensure standardisation across the college. Our college management solution provides detailed work flows and reports that helps to put actionable information into your hands.

InfoDBase is an affordable solution available to community colleges across the world.

Our flexible ERP solution provides colleges with easy configuration and customisation, so you can create a software solution that suits your community college requirements.

Our diverse range of financial reporting such as Invoicing. Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets, gives you the information you need to make key budgeting decisions.

All The Necessary Tools

Vocational-Technical colleges focus on hands-on, skills based training. Managing a large and varied roster of student, admin and teaching staff can easily be handled with our automated college ERP software.

InfoDBase provides add-on modules designed to help you manage a large body of teaching and support staff.

Vocational-Training colleges also run complex timetables that require hours of manual administration time to manage. Reduce time and maximise efficiency with our auto planning subject allocation feature.

InfoDBase provides the flexibility to effortlessly modify the allocation of a teacher based on their skills and competencies. InfoDBase also seamlessly merges with curriculum as per the requirement of the individual student.

Tools to make every part of your administration and learning more seamless

InfoDBase helps Career Colleges carefully design programmes, which incorporate core academic elements with practical vocational and technical curriculum process. Our easy and beautiful interface is designed to equip young people with the skills to enter a career in a particular industry.

Imagine having all of your employee and student data secure in one location and accessible in seconds. From anywhere. In beautiful reports. Your students can access and track their progress, too, so they won’t take your time.

Helps Liberal Arts Colleges differentiate their academic curriculums

Students join Liberal Arts Colleges as against traditional universities based on the fact that they are not about getting into the best ranked one, but rather the one that fits them the best.

InfoDBase enables liberal arts colleges differentiate with technology platform that drives home the aims and cultures of the college. Our college management platform can be tailored to meet liberal art college’s unique work flows and values.

Software that provides solutions to Higher Education Challenges


Simplify teaching and learning experiences by connecting all college management software tools, teachers and administrators in one central place, with an easy to use interface everyone can log into.


Automate and streamline your higher education enrollment processes. Remove reliance on paperwork and reduce time spent working on repetitive and manual administration tasks.


Improve student, parent and teacher engagement with our flexible and easy-to-use CRM for higher education.
Provide transparency, control and increase productivity by providing the right people easy access to the right student and institution information.

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A complete campus experience as easy to deploy as it is to use.
Private Social Network and
CRM for Higher Education

Provide your higher education institution with the opportunity to easily create
winning campaigns that engage, recruit and support students.

Smart and predictive
behaviour analytics

Identify at-risk students and empower teachers to step in and provide actionable solutions quickly.

End to End solution from pre-admission and enrolment to alumni and beyond.

With the changing landscape in higher education, the role of technology is more important than ever. We are driven by providing a college management solution that helps you to become more transparent, productive and connected as an organisation. Quickly integrate our flexible and scalable SIS, LMS and CRM for college management.

Fine-grained access controls

College administrators can seamlessly integrate permissions sets to give teachers and staff the right control, and ensures users have the access they need to manage their individual work profiles.

Complements Vendor Enterprise Agreements

If you need advanced functionality and have Enterprise Education Agreement with either Microsoft or Google, we can easily integrate into your core applications like OneDrive, SharePoint documents or Google G Suite for Education.

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

InfoDBase automatically analyzes key indicators based on attendance, marks, health records and change in physical activities and builds patterns to predict student behaviours. This information can be rolled into overall morale of students in the campus.

SIS, LMS & CRM built for the new age.

From pre-admission to campus recruitment and all things in-between, InfoDBase is your technology platform to manage your university. Best of all, its cloud based, no hardware to manage and everything is mobile ready right from the start.

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Connected out of the box & line of business integration
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Why InfoDBase?

With CSV/Excel Upload, setting up institution takes less than 10 minutes.

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  • Performance Arts
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  • Professional Career Academy
  • Sports & Fitness Academy
  • Private & After School Tuition
  • Public / District Schools
  • Private Schools
  • International Baccalaureate & Career Schools
  • Religious Schools
  • Community Colleges
  • Vocational - Technical Colleges
  • Career colleges
  • Liberal arts colleges
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  • Distance Education
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