A unified university management system

InfoDBase’s university management solution is comprehensive software that streamlines the complete university student life cycle from application to graduation.

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Manage student life cycle in real-time and remove the time consuming manual paperwork. Every aspect of your student is available at your fingertips.

Provide access to students and teachers with an easy-to-use LMS interface that can be accessed anytime and and anywhere. Upload resources on the move with our integration with Google G Suite for Education, Microsoft Office365, Canvas LMS and many enterprise apps.

Integrated university management system software

A unified management system from InfoDBase that empowers public universities and its educators to build stronger, more fruitful relationships, with prospects, students, alumni, parents, law makers and donors.

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Managing a large and ever changing student body is one of the biggest challenges most public universities face.

InfoDBase has a wide range of features that are designed to streamline process and ensure control and consistency, across the university. Our product is easy to use and we provide support documentation at every step of the way for anyone using the InfoDBase solution.

A university management system built for everyone

In religion affiliated universities; students, parents, teacher and administration staff play a very important role in establishing a conceived idea about faith and humanity.

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InfoDBase has built-in functionality that enables users to customise and create tailor made curriculums that suit specialist religious universities.

Our learning and administration modules give students and administration staff the opportunity to easily accomplish tasks that meets their academic and spiritual needs

Driving fully virtual or blended classroom environment

InfoDBase provides tools for traditional education institutions develop fully virtual or blended learning environment without technology burdon.

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A fully managed online university means no technology or management burden for you. InfoDBase enables traditional and new universities stay relevant by adopting newer ways of teaching. This includes fully online or blended learning environment

Our LMS platform is fully integrated with collaboration tools like Google Hangout, YouTube Live, Skype, Skype Translate and Skype for Business enabling any educator to make an impact to students no matter where they live.

Providing solutions to university management challenges

Full SIS Features

InfoDBase SIS equips administrative teams with an accurate record of every aspect of the student, courses, lecturers and finances. A complete view of the university finances and real-time access to analytics.

Integrated LMS

InfoDBase LMS connects every student with their learning activities. It places all students at the center of their learning experience and drives breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle.

Engaging CRM

InfoDBase Customer integrated Relationship Management (CRM) software is the only cloud hosted solution that delivers a real-time 360 degree view of your current & prospective students.

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Create a unified and
connected university campus
360 degree view of
your campus

InfoDBase delivers university management tools for admissions and enrolments and student management combined with advanced analytics to meet the ever changing needs of the modern student.

Smart and predictive
behaviour analytics

With InfoDBase, universities can easily provide students with answers and empower them to help themselves anytime, anywhere. Our behaviour analytics identifies at-risk students and proactively helps to engage them with personalised and relevant communications.

Private Cloud Deployments

InfoDBase enables universities to securely host our SIS, LMS and CRM platform on their private AWS, Azure or Google Compute Engine cloud environments.

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Amazon Web Services

InfoDBase MS

Microsoft Azure

InfoDBase Computeegine

Google Compute Engine

Deliver a life changing student experience

Making students as successful as they can be is any university’s mission. Education SIS, LMS & CRM solutions from InfoDBase connect every administrative and learning touch point, places students at the center of everything and drives breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle.

Unified and Connected

Manage multiple campuses, business units and legal entities all from a single cloud system to accelerate financial consolidation and visibility.

Data at nearest AWS datacenter

Data is stored in the nearest AWS datacenter to ensure we comply with your data sovereignty laws.

Visibility and Control

The InfoDBase platform gives IT departments the administrative tools they need to manage users, monitor activity, and control sharing permissions - all from one central admin interface.

Turn Modules On/Off

Control digital tools access to teachers and administrators in one simple place. Simplify teaching and learning with centralised learning and administration tools.

Connected out of the box & to line of business applications
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Why InfoDBase?

With CSV/Excel Upload, setting up institution takes less than 10 minutes.

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