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Managing your Performing Arts Institution has never been easier than with InfoDBase Student Software.

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InfoDBase is helps Performing Arts institutions to manage their increasing demand in enrollments, seamlessly and efficiently.

InfoDBase provides an easy and a convenient scheduling system that enables Performing Arts institutions to manage their calendars and class timetables. Manage multiple timetables, with minimum fuss and administration time. .

Helping language schools do more on one platform

Globalisation has had a profound effect on education across the world. Language schools are helping generations become multilingual and InfoDBase has been designed to support various challenges faced by language schools and academies

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InfoDBase’s student management software helps to transform education beyond borders, countries or languages.

We support language schools and academies with our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). Weprovide multilingual services that support 64 languages.

InfoDBase also integration with Skype translate and YouTube live which helps transforming education beyond borders, language and regions

Increase productivity of your administration teams

Professional Career Academies have a continuous cycle of pre-admission and enrollments that impacts on the productivity and efficiency of administration teams within your academy.

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InfoDBase’s innovative student management web application enables Professional Career Academies to simplify and reduce the time your administration team spend working on student enrollments.

InfoDBase has a modern and innovative approach that will help your academy to manage student attendance, fees, assessments and grading from one simple interface.

Fast track student success at your sports, wellness or fitness academy

The Proverb “Health is Wealth” is now more predominant than ever. With the rising number of applicants, Sports & Fitness Academies face the ongoing challenge of enrolling and managing new students.

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InfoDBase has been helping sports & fitness academies across the world with our unique and simplified approach of integrating multiple platforms into one easy-to-use interface.

Our unique attendance module and our ID card feature helps academies to efficiently manage their time during sessions , spending less time on admin and more time on students.

Our Social Learning module helps students exchange ideas, links and files so that they can stay updated with the latest trends and ideas.

Another unique feature of InfoDBase is that we have the functionality to maintain health records which include progress, allergies, medications and immunisations for both students and coaches.

Tailor the learning experience to each individual at your after school and child care centres

Private and After School tuition helps students to elevate their knowledge and core competencies. InfoDBase helps manage challenges including setting a personalised curriculum to individual students.

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InfoDBase helps Private and After School Institutions to organise their day to day activities in an efficient way.

Our cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS) helps these institutions tailor the curriculum according to the students wants and needs which increases the overall performance of the student.

Meeting learning academy unique challenges

Increase Enrolments

Make signing up for your academy simple for parents and students with integrated online registration forms. Create a workflow to manage incoming leads and applications.

Decrease Chrun & Dropouts

Biggest challenge academies face today is student drop outs. Provide students and parents clear roadmap that helps track progress and achievements to ensure repeat attendance and high levels of student engagement.

Simplify Daily Operations

Simplify your academy’s daily operations, from enrollment to billing. Increase teacher and staff productivity & efficiency with an easy-to-use web application.

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A complete toolkit for any type of Academy.

InfoDBase has powerful suite of tools designed to manage small to large educational academies.

Whether you manage an After School or Day Care, Performance Arts School, Language Academy or Sports Institute, InfoDBase’s flexible functionality helps you deliver the best possible learning experience to your students.

Hundreds of thousands of the world’s best academies are scaling faster and more efficiently by building their businesses on InfoDBase software.

End to end solution from pre-admission and enrolment to Alumni and beyond.

We measure our success on how productive your institution is when it comes to managing administration and learning activities. Quickly integrate our simple SIS, LMS and CRM solutions that are tested for scale. InfoDBase lets you spend your time on creating memorable learning experiences and less time on administrative paperwork.

Faster Payments

Get paid quickly by using our integrated payment gateways. There are easy mobile payment options for students and parents.

Integrated Schedules

Easily integrate class and event schedules to help students, teachers and parents manage their time.. Get event notifications and sync with other user’s calendars to make sure no one misses out.

Support 104 languages

InfoDBase now supports 104 languages. We also offer the option to enable dual languages. Have your admin portal in French and the Student Portal in any user prefered language.

Turn Modules On/Off

Keep your interface simple and without distraction by turning modules on and off. Pay only for the modules that you use.

Connected out of the box & line of business integration
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Why InfoDBase?

With CSV/Excel Upload, setting up institution takes less than 10 minutes.

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  • International Baccalaureate & Career Schools
  • Religious Schools
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